Landscape Consultancy & Design

Option 1

We will do a FREE initial consultation, at your home/garden, discussing your needs and ideas. This comprehensive consultation will involve us making sketches, taking photos and notes and conducting a full site survey. We will then take this information back to the office and send you a formal quote for consideration.

Price: Free

Option 2

Includes everything in Option 1, also includes a full-scale drawing of your designs and a detailed, comprehensive estimate itemising the options available.

Price: From £150 - £450 (depending on size and complexity of the drawings). This cost will be reimbursed upon completion of the full job, as per the quote.


Option 3

Includes everything in Option 1 and 2, also includes digital 3D images to accompany the full-scale plans which will enable you to fully appreciate the visual impact of your design; these state-of-the-art images give you a realistic view of heights, levels, spatial elements and allow you to see what your garden will look like, and feel like once it’s been created.

Price: As per Option 2 for full-scale plan. Digital 3D images charged as follows:

  • 1 or 2 - £50 each
  • Set of 3 - £120 (£40 each)
  • Set of 5 - £150 (£30 each)
  • Set of 10+ - £250 (£25 each)

Digital 3D images are sent to an external company for processing and cannot be reimbursed.